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I HATE Clock Day

2007-08-16 07:32:16 by Transisco

Hello all, clock day...I HATE IT!
And do you want to know why, all the really crap submissions that in other cases would normally get blammed...DON'T! For example people who have no flash talent whatsoever just suddenly decide that putting Clock + C*ck =
is good flash. And whats most annyoing is JUST BECUASE it's CDAY that, people rate 5. I work my arse off to try and at least make a decent flash, and then these people come along, make an account, and get a 3.04 rating for this!

Why people, why! BLAM THE CRAP!!!!
Save the stuff that is good, I DONT GIVE A S*ht if its CDAY, just stop making sh*tty flashes and games.


I HATE Clock Day


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2007-08-16 07:52:00

Well, the example you gave is definitly harder work than the infamous B.


2007-08-16 07:57:49

What about all the DECENT and GOOD movies that pass judgment on Clock Day? There's quite a few of those, too.
If I remember correctly, throughout Clock Day yesterday, all the spots on the Front Page were frequently traded out for more awesome Clock movies that appeared.

I'm glad Clock Day exists.

Transisco responds:

What I am saying is, you should pass things that are good and effot has been put in, but blam the ones that look like a monkeys drawn it.


2007-08-16 08:23:47

I agree, there's still loads of Cday submissions still coming through and i'm just rearing to release a flash that i spent months on, i hope the aftermath finishes today...


2007-08-16 09:49:27

Clock day is unfair on other Flash animators and I'm surprised Newgrounds allow it. Sure, there were some decent clock submissions, but they were lost amongst the crap because it all scored well regardless of the effort put it.

NG might not be able to prevent clock day, but they shouldn't be promoting it in the news.


2007-08-16 09:52:50

What a humbug you are.


2007-08-16 10:17:40

Most (probably all) of those crap submissions aren't done by actual Clocks or Clockfriends. Alot of people just submit for the hell of it knowing everyone loves us and votes 5. If it were just clocks particapting in it's own day, there would be Quality > Quanity.

Transisco responds:



2007-08-16 11:18:58

yep transisco
fuck clock day
there shouldent be one
its a waste of space
clocks on ng are a waste of time
alot of the clock submissions
need to be blammed into the next century


2007-08-16 12:03:39

clock day hates you


2007-08-16 12:46:08

I totally agree. Worst of all is now the admins are going to have to go through everything and delete it all manually, because you know not enough people are going to take the time to vote 0 on all that crap.

I feel sorry for TomFulp. There is a lot of Clock trash filling up his servers.


2007-08-16 13:03:54

You are so true dude, its a good source for experience on the site, but its just spam. Its a day celebrating the lack of blamming, so most subbmssions should be blammed. Don't get me wrong, there are some good ones, but most are crap. Its just a waste of NG's bandwith. If you ask me, and people tring to hide there other crap subbmissions in the portal that was completly flooded. I think there should have been something else they could do, so that the real clocks wouldonly be ale to post.So yes, i am rambling, good bye.


2007-08-16 13:15:07

Most of the people you are hating are not even clocks, but just idiots abusing our holiday to pass shit flash.

Transisco responds:

I love the people who are the clocks...just the people who use CDAY as a reason for sh*te flash